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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  July 29, 2014 3:00am-5:01am EDT

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the orders to launch the rockets and missiles. that is why it is important for us to look at the situation as it really is, a case where israel is trying to defend itself against an organization that calls for the destruction of all jews in israel. thank you very much. [applause] >> good afternoon. my name is ronald. i represent over 100 jewish frankly, thoset, communities do not have a government like the u.s. they don't have protection, and yet so many communities stand with israel. they are proud. in spite of all the anti-semitism, children are proud. they stand up, and they are standing up for israel.
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i have never seen the world more united from left to right. [applause] it is my honor today to introduce be groep the house john boehner, and i will say there is no better friend of israel than john boehner. just last week, the speaker said .luntly, israel is our friend andel's enemies are our aeneas. thank you. [applause] >> thank you all. much, and you very let me say thank you for bringing us all together. susane just heard from
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rice, and soon you will hear from kevin mccarthy, the new representative who i think will be a great success. owe a great of data to -- gratitude to the man that he will succeed, and that is eric cantor. [applause] term as, eric's majority leader might be coming to an end, but he will always be a leader in terms of israel. people try to isolate israel, but we are here today to stand with israel, not as an observer but as a strong partner and a trusted ally. and what does that mean? mean doing on one hand something and on the other hand having words and statements. the house will always support israel's right to defend itself.
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we will not equally professional military with terrorist organizations that use human shields to seek maximum civilian casualties. and we insisted that demilitarization of gaza is not just a house cool but a shared, uncompromising u.s. and international objective. [applause] we take this stand because we know without demilitarization, the pattern of escalation, conflict, the targeting of innocent civilians, and humanitarian suffering will continue. now, to achieve these objectives, the house will continue to back funding for iron dome to ensure that israel's ability is to protect its own people. [applause] we will continue to push the administration to address the root cause of the conflict in the middle east, because make no mistake that what we are seeing
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ofgaza is a direct result iranian sponsorship of terrorism in the region. [applause] do is look at the ferocity of the fight and the sophistication of the weapons. iran's long of history of providing these two terrorist organizations, another thing that must come to an end. send thiserica must clear, public, and united message create israel is our friend. israel's enemies are our enemies, and as long -- [applause] and as long as i am speaker of the house, this will be our cause. thank you very much. [applause]
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>> good afternoon. i presently serve very proudly as the national campaign chair for the jewish federation of north america. jfna. i also serve as a member of the us is used for the jewish community federation of baltimore. [applause] but my distinct privilege right now is to introduce our congressman steny hoyer, democratic, in the house. he is a true friend of israel and the u.s.-israel relationship. a leader in the house on pro-israel initiatives. many of us know by going to israel, we certainly see, feel, touch what is going on, and congressman hoyer is one of those people who not only goes to israel repeatedly but takes members of congress with him.
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he understands the people and the land and the security today,ges israel faces yesterday, and tomorrow. it is our pleasure and honor for me to introduce congressman hoyer. [applause] >> good afternoon. it is a serious time in which we meet. when history will record that we had the resolve or we did not. today, all of us are standing together, showing support for our friends in israel. for our ally in israel. for a nation whose survival and security is absolutely essential to the survival and security of the united states of america.
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[applause] we are united in determination to protect their communities from the horrific scourge of hamas rockets. on december 7 or a few days thereafter, franklin roosevelt came to the chamber of the house of representatives, and he said that december 7 would live as the day of infamy. has seen,, the world and israel has experienced, days of infamy. day after day after day of infamy. response has appropriately been as determined as our response was to that day of infamy. and it was not to respond temporarily. it was to remove the cause of
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the day of infamy. [applause] border,to the gaza israelis have been running to bomb shelters with just seconds. people, no people should be forced to live under these conditions, and israel has every right, and you have heard it over and over again from republican and democratic leaders, every right to defend 'sself and to and hamas reign of terror. [applause] suspend butrarily to end. [applause] agreement, they
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allowed things to be imported, and instead of using it for good purposes, the used it for killing and kidnapping israeli citizens. israeli forces found the zip ties and other things ready to use for future kidnappings. round of fighting ends, it is imperative that hamas is not able to rearm, tunnels, and continue posing a threat to israel he communities and to the stability of the middle east. [applause] no nation, no people, no toividual can be expected stop defending itself as it is under attack, not just israel,
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not just a nation, anyone who is continually attacked. at the same time, we must recognize that there are no easy solutions in gaza, and every civilian death, as senator cardin said, even though hamas is responsible, will breed more terrorists. why any permanent cease-fire must, as you have heard over and over again, the speaker and i, and i'm sure my friends with the majority leader will meet with me in just a few days, will say the same thing. only alternative -- not the best alternative, the only alternative is the demilitarization of gaza. [applause] if there is to be a political solution, it is imperative that hamas is disarmed and the people of gaza are convinced that their
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better future lies not with those who use concrete for tunnels and bunkers, but for those as said in the wall street journal that build schools and investments and invest in businesses. us. of it says here i. none of us have heard nearly enough from the united nations about hamas for this blinged and deliberate violation of international and humanitarian law. innocent life lost is a terrible tragedy, and in this case, there must be no doubt who bears responsibility for civilian deaths, and that, of course, is hamas and its sponsor, iran. [applause] over, been said over and
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but it must be repeated by all of us, that if hamas continues to use gazans as human shields, and if they went to evacuate, hamas orders them to stay, prevents them from leaving, because their loss of life is received by hamas, its own people's loss of life is perceived by hamas to be another small victory in this effort, and as far as journalist into that hamas has no choice but to use rockets as desperation is, quite frankly, preposterous. preposterous. hamas has many avenues to seek peace, and maliciously rejects them again and again and again. they launch rockets and have tunnels of terror. you are telling me to stop. [laughter]
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i have just got a little more to say. [laughter] and because i have got just a little more to say, i am not going to follow your instructions. [laughter] [applause] more than i want israel to stop. [cheers and applause] there is no moral equivalency, cardin said. thank you very much. [laughter] everybody agrees. they just didn't clap. [cheers and applause] indeed, my friends, there is a moral disconnect between the players of terror and defenders of people. and, indeed,right, an obligation to defend its people.
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nations51 of the united charter, and i quote, inherent if anto self-defense armed attack occurs against a member. it be, thatar can israel asked not only from a moral perspective but under the charter of the united nations? america would do no less, and the congress of the united states will continue to stand by its ally, israel, as it takes in mycessary steps, and 13 trips to israel, and i have brought over 150 members of the congress of the united states to israel, i have seen firsthand the challenges israel faces. history has afforded the state the jewisho protect people and enable them to seek a peaceful life in the homeland which they returned following centuries of bitter exile.
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ideology, no force of arms or threat of terror can shake a determination among extraordinary people to build a strong and free democracy in their ancient homeland and to continue have it serving as a light unto the nations of the world. i stand with all of you today, and we stand with israel. indeed, we stand with all peoples in all the world against rror ando would by te force of arms undermine their security and their safety. i want to close with this. michael wrote an op-ed in "the washington post" a few days ago, and he pointed out that as a nation and as a international community, we need to ensure will be a categorical
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is in then, which world's fundamental interest, in the world's a fundamental interest, in the world of fundamental interests. if the terrorists think they can win, they will never cease. [applause] and so we stand in the world fundamental interest. may god give those who fight against the terrorists of this world strength, tenacity, and our support. god bless you, and thank you very much. [applause]
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am the president of the jewish community relations council of greater washington, and welcome to our community here to all who stand proudly and lovingly with israel. proud honor to introduce congressman kevin mccarthy. 2000 he was elected in seven as the incoming house majority leader, kevin mccarthy has always been an outspoken supporter of israel and the u.s.-israel relationship. having visited the state of israel several times now, the congressman has a personal connection with the land and the people. he understands their hopes and fears, underscored a few years ago, and in addition to backing funding for the israeli security and missile defense, he talked to freshmen members and had them go to israel, helping to give them a first-hand understanding
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of the jewish state and the unique security threat it is constantly.nfront congressman, thank you for your support, your leadership, and your friendship. please welcome incoming house leader kevin mccarthy. [applause] >> thank you so very much. you can tell this is not a partisan issue. of the about the moral world. we are united. this country has to speak with clarity about who is our friend and we defend. if there is a rocket on israel, there is a rocket on america. [applause] i want to tell you a personal story. it is true, i have been blessed and have visited israel many times. before i became a member of congress when i was in the state
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assembly, i was on a bipartisan trip. i still remember walking and listening to a mother who had to , andwith rockets coming in i had children about the same they talked about the board games they play. in my house, they played monopoly and candyland, and at their house, do you know what they played a board game to tell them where to go to a bomb shelter. no child should live like that. it changed my life. i understood what friendship meant. but i will tell you as i walked through the streets of israel, for the other members, it changed them, as well. , but they also got to feel and see where our
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enemies live. a terror is a terror. and we should be very clear about that. hamas is evil. their intentions are evil. the use of children, hospitals, and bystanders to achieve their terrorist action should not be. i wanted this congress to speak with one voice. we would never allow in this country two thirds of our population to go to a bomb shelter. tunnels tover allow come into america without being destroyed, and we would not allow hamas to have any existence to be able to send rockets our way again, and they should not be able to. [applause] having a way to make sure that , we're going to hear
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from a congresswoman. toyou know what we're going do this week? we are going to do exactly that. we are going to pass house resolution 107, condemning the use of innocent civilians as human shields and calling on the international community to condemn this horrible tactic and breach of international law, and on all -- an affront human decency. [applause] we will do that this week. and it will be a very big vote. i do not want this country to give misinformation. i have watched members moved. on one of my trips with the members, we were up in the northern portion of israel. you know what happened that day? while we were in the north? individuals came across the
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sinai and shot up a tourist bus, killing seven. nothing hit home closer than the day we were there. we understand more the challenge they face every day. by whiledoes not sit another friend is in trouble. arms and lets the rest of the world know. with friends to make sure the world is a moral place. [applause] the other aspect of israel but i have seen, one of the greatest the idea that believes in human life. even though you have terrorists on the other side, who cares for them in your hospitals. who shows a barren land how to
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grow, agriculture and beyond? who shows silicon valley how a tech community really grows? why? because they lift everybody up. time to lift them together, defend what we believe in, and make sure this never happens again. thank you, and god bless. [applause] >> good afternoon, everybody. my name is rich. i am chairman and a member of a , and it is mytors honor today to introduce my friend and neighbor who is the chairman of the middle east subcommittee and the immediate past chair of the house foreign affairs committee. she is a stalwart friend and champion for the community and the jewish federation.
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her appearance every year at our super sunday is memorable. it is engaging. iease join me in welcoming ros-lehtinen. >> i told him, save the day, do it fast, but inc. do so very much for inviting me to be a part of this, such an important event, and as we gather here today, our thoughts and our prayers are with the people of as israel struggles and continues to avail herself of the inherent right that she has, that every sovereign nation has, to defend herself, and, sadly, i was in israel just a few weeks ago when we heard the horrific news that the three teenagers
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were found, their bodies riddled hamas,llets, murdered by and an entire nation gathered around us as we attended the funeral, and i also had the -- day tothe next way be with the family, and it was butlutely heartbreaking, the family was so strong, and i thought this family is an emblem, a symbol of what the nation of israel is all about. founded in sorrow, struggling everyday, but bound by hope, because every person who came lifted the family up from there day of sorrow to tell them there and be a brighter tomorrow, the memory will forever be a blessing, and it is so emblematic of what the state of israel is all about, and that
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that hamas wasod andonsible for the death they also understood hamas had already begun attacking israel with ongoing daily rockets, missiles, on a daily basis, that the media was not paying attention to. toy did not pay attention until israel decided enough is enough, we are going to respond, and then all of a sudden, all of the media is interested. look at this, look at this asymmetrical war, look at this disproportionate use of mine ,hat, but israel had to respond and the only way for israel to achieve peace and quiet for her citizens was to take out the root cause of this tragedy, hamas, the terrorist organization. [applause] there is no moral
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equivalency between the sovereign state of israel and a terrorist organization known as hamas. there is no equivalency. falsehood, and the only way to successfully root out this cause of evil, hamas, is to go into gaza, to destroy els, to destroy the underground weapons collections, which, as we have seen, is taking a toll on israel as well. when israel unilaterally withdrew from gaza in 2005, and hamas seized control of the territory, rather than building up the infrastructure, rather than helping the palestinian people under its control, no, hamas decided we are going to build up an arsenal of weapons. we are going to build up an underground of tunnels. we will build this intricate to smuggletunnels
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weapons to attack israel, and we schools,o from mosques, from hospitals, and when israel responds, we will tell people not to go away from the buildings but to go to the becomend become, casualties. this is how hamas uses the palestinian people. this is how it uses the money it receives from donor countries, to wage war against israel. they do not care about the well-being of the palestinians. all they want to do is wipe israel off the face of the map, and they do not care at what cost, but we cannot forget that hamas thatactors of continue to support it financially and materially, let's not talk about hamas as isolated. who is feeding hamas?
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who is giving it support? one of the reasons we have seen is that we have countries that are supposedly our allies, countries like turkey -- a say they are going to send another flotilla. we see countries like qatar, foundation, and it is funding, funding all of these organizations, the we have seen israel supporting each and every cease-fire, and we have seen hamas not support any of these cease-fires. which is the peaceful country? it is israel. if youo easy to see, but look at the network news, thank you very much, you will never get that impression. wasn see now why steny saying thank you to you, so why congratulate israel for its constraint? because the u.s. would not have shown that the restraint that israel has shown, but it is these nations and these terrorist groups, if they see
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that support from the u.s. is waning, they continue to attack israel. that is why we are going to continue to show the world that congress's support for israel will not diminish, and that is will pass this law to condemn the use of humans as human shields. thank you so much for being here. thank you for your support for a free and independent israel. thank you. [applause] >> i am a rabbi, steve gutow,
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president of the jewish council for public affairs. i am here to introduce three important leaders from the movements,d other who, standing together, right now, take a look, in this room -- [laughter] each with their own -- [applause] prayer willeir own reflect wall to wall, wall-to-wall unity of our people. this is a unity against an that doesnamed hamas not value innocent nor palestinian life. holding up the arms of moses so that joshua could face the great
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enemy of the jewish people, and today, rabbi leonard, from the council of america, will give the memorial prayer. dallas, president of the rabbinical association of the conservative movement, will give the prayer for israel, and the other rabbi, the chair of the legal society of the central conference of american rabbis, will give the prayer for the united states, and they will asp us hold up our hands unified people in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in israel, and the great thing about the rabbi who is going to go first and the other two rabbis, as they lead us in prayer, a are going to do it quickly, because we don't have much time -- they are going to do it quickly, because we don't have much time, and that is not easy for a rabbi. [laughter]
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at this historic gathering of solidarity and support, we have to pause for a moment for the , for those who were kidnapped for no reason other than they were jews living in our sacred land, and also the prayer for the soldiers who have given their lives to protect our people from unprovoked missile attacks, and we also must whose lifee person was brutally taken by murderers in our own midst, a terrible crime that has shaken our people. i ask that you would please rise. foreign language, singing]
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please be seated. after the war, that was a popular song with a promise for the future. childise you, my little that this will be the last war. this was the pledge the israeli parents made to their children -- i will fight. i will put on her uniform and where a gun so you don't have to. the children of israel find themselves crouched in bomb shelters and our young men and women are fighting against terror. 41 years after the yom kippur war, israeli children go to bed at night with a fee or a missile might kill them or a terrorist might tunnel into their kindergartens. hidew should ever have to or cower or crouch or free.
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for 2000 years, we were politically and militarily dead. we had no country, no army. we were a ghost people. then we were reborn in our land and now that we have a homeland, we, the american jewish community join with our brothers and sisters and declare we will not cower, hide, and not give in to terror. [applause] we will defend ourselves with the highest standards of morality. -- we cancome to mind forgive the air rims for killing our children, we cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. we will only have peace with them when they love their children more than they hate us. we the religious leaders stand shoulder to shoulder with israel. one people and one heart.
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please rise as i offer the prayers to the state of israel. [speaking in hebrew] >> please be seated. the traditional prayer for the governments wherever jews have lived ordinarily is recited after the torah reading and before the scroll is returned to the ark. the rabbi commented on his prayer that loyalty to the state
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is ingrained in the jewish character. pair brokes on the attributed storage and to jeremiah who wrote to the jewish captives in babylonia -- seek the peace of the city for its peace shall you have peace. they also cite the rabbi in the first century of the common era who taught pray for the welfare of the government, the roman government in his day. for theent prayer government dates from the 14th century and many different versions have appeared over the years since. i have adapted the fifth prayer from three generations of reformed prayer books. source of peace and compassion. we ask your blessing upon our country and our nation. guard them from adversity and disaster. and may our land always merit your protection. for all who hold
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positions of leadership and responsibility in our national life. wisdomened with your and sustained with your power those from the people who have authority. all who were entrusted with our safety and with the guardianship of our rights and our liberties. let your blessing rest upon them and make them responsive to your will so that our nation may be to the world an example of justice and compassion. countryur love for our and our desire to serve it. strengthen the power of self sacrifice for our nation's welfare. teach us to uphold its good name by our own right conduct. of taint and goodwill among all of the inhabitants of our land. may religion spread its blessing among us and exult our nation in righteousness.
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fill us with veal for the cause of liberty in our own land and in on lands. help us always to keep our home safe from affliction, strife, and war. that i say, amen. [applause] >> i am alan jacobs, president of the international. it is a great honor and privilege to have with us today our next speaker, mr. dennis stevens, deputy head of the mission of canada to the united states. [applause] north havers to the been invaluable in tamping principal and the international community and for the unwavering support for israel. canada's mission to the united states under the leadership of
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by ambassador have stood israel and its pursuit of freedom, peace, and security from enabling the long overdue inclusion of israel in the regional group at the united nations, to boldly speaking up in support of israel's rights to defend itself from terrorism, canada has demonstrated what it is to be not just a friend, but a leader. record with our deepest gratitude, we are honored to have deputy steven c with us. today. us we stand unequivocally with israel. [applause]
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>> mr. jacobs, dear friends, thank you for inviting canada to this national leadership assembly for israel. thank you for that warm welcome to me and to my country. canada is one of israel's most reliable friends. [applause] and we stand unequivocally with israel and its struggle against hamas's terrorist campaign from gaza. indiscriminate rocket attacks from gaza on innocent israeli civilians are terrorist acts from which there can be no justification. right toby israel's defend itself. israel will be forced to continue defending itself as long as hamas continues its rocket attacks against civilians. havesraeli defense forces
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taken extra ordinary steps to reduce civilian casualties in very difficult and very trying conditions. israel should be commended, not criticized for these efforts in the face of an enemy clearly determined to hurt civilians from both sides in mortal danger to suit its own purposes. [applause] there is no moral koblenz a terrorists, organization with playing this regard to human life, and the liberal democratic state of israel with its duty and obligation to defend its people from cowardly and indiscriminate attacks. hamas as agnated terrorist organization in 2002. it is clear hamas is bent on the destruction of the state of israel. and has no interest in peace and it bears responsibility for the
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further tragic loss of life. be whollymust rejected by all peaceloving people around the world. we must never allow more relativism to act as cover for the indiscriminate attacks on israel we've seen in recent weeks. failure by the international community to condemn these reprehensible acts would encourage these terrorist to continue their actions. canada mourns the death and suffering of innocent civilians, but the responsibility rests solely on hamas and its allies. [applause] hamas to cease these attacks. this is not a battle between the palestinian authority or the palestinian people and the state of israel. is a conflict between a terrorist organization and the jewish state. thata has long believed
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aniston palestinian people living in gaza deserve far better than the reckless actions of this terrorist organization. [applause] minister's foreign john berry has said, the buck stops with hamas. hamas started this bloodshed and hamas can and it. canada looks forward to the day when israeli and palestinian children can live side-by-side in peace and security. and a jewish state and a palestinian state. negotiations are the only way forward. canada continues to believe the two state solution is the only way to bring lasting peace. until then, israel can count on canada. they can count on us to continue to stand shoulder to shoulder in support of israel's pursuit of freedom, peace, and security. thank you. [applause]
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>> good afternoon. my name is greg mashburn, i am the chair of the adl's new york regional board. there are people of goodwill from everywhere, of all religions, people that are not afraid to see reality and supports israel's right to defend itself. our next speaker is one of those people. the newe president of york divinity school and is a member of the board of the national association of evangelicals. he is also the public philosopher of the christian post which is the world's most widely read online religious publication. over 40 million unique visitors every month. it is my honor to introduce him. [applause]
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>> thank you so much. it is indescribable joy to be and answered -- to be here to be part of the assembly for israel. our commitment to israel is huge. i was raised in a family as most restaurants -- most christians to respect and honor israel and to take a deep interest in the land that god personally gave to wonderful people. friends, webors, are always the closest friends in our family. rabbiasked recently by a in new york -- why do you love israel? i said i cannot even begin to name the ways that we christians love israel. people thatup of restored themselves after 2000 years of being dispersed in
3:48 am
every direction, to see a place made into a garden, to see a democracy that is the only democracy in the whole region. to recognize a place, the only country where christians are free to worship in safety and liberty throughout the middle east. only israel. [applause] we can never thank you enough. the twiny as we see sister of hamas, isis, destroying the tomb of jonah, one of our great heroes. and daniel, just in the last few days. the viciousness of these people are incomparable. that may go back -- and let me go back to the reasons why we love israel so much because we see the film and of hebrew scripture prophecy and the
3:49 am
protection of the land that we hold dear because our great heroes, our savior included, walked the land. what is happening in these last few weeks -- it is something that is just so indescribable, so does critical -- so despicable, so gut wrenching, so minded depressing, so hard crushing -- heart crushing that it is something i call malignant evil. the enemy of the palestinian people is hamas. -- it is veryike much like the mother that killed all her children. there are no words. i cannot even imagine what would possess such a person to kill all her children. here hamas is killing all her children.
3:50 am
we know, for example, that christians in gaza our constantly abused. ministers are murdered, christian homes are burned. ofas has a huge track record malignant evil, just unspeakable evil. and to hijack hospitals -- c you imagine bringing missiles into a school? gettingent to school, through the metal detectors was hard enough. u.n. surprise that there are missiles in a school. shame on the u.n. [applause] they should've never allowed that. an f2ave sided with hamas invite missiles into a school. that, houses of worship made into places of storage for missiles.
3:51 am
600,000 tons of cement given to hamas to build apartment buildings, to build schools, hospitals. enough cement to build six crack skyscrapers,six not for the people but for these tunnels of the structure and. -- tunnels of destruction. group could what a even begin to think of telling its people to stay there, to be killed by the bombs so they can have the most body count of their own family, their own people. unbelievable. what is so startling is the peace plan for hamas. the peace plan for israel is the
3:52 am
-- theizing gaza militarizing gaza and providing military aid to they can be a thriving society. the peace plan for hamas is kill jews and christians and we must stop it by every means. let us stop it. [applause] thank you so much, my brothers and sisters. thank you. [applause] >> good afternoon. i am the immediate pastor of the jewish federation for north america. it is my privilege and honor to introduce to you israel's ambassador to the united states, ron dermer. [applause] mr. dermer became israeli
3:53 am
ambassador to the united states last year after serving as senior advisor to prime minister netanyahu. seen, he's an articulate and outstanding spokesperson for israel having made over 55 media appearances since operation protective edge began. mr. ambassador, the jewish federation of north america, one hundred 53 federations in the united states and canada stand strongly with israel during this difficult month as we have every month of every year since 1948 and before statehood. in the past few weeks, the jewish federation have mobilized to raise over $10 million for urgent need in the south of israel where the terrorist rocket fire from gaza has been most felt. we have already brought for missions to that area to see for ourselves the need on the ground and to stand with the people that israel. even now, we have another 30
3:54 am
federation leaders who arrived in israel yesterday to offer our support in person. the conference of presidents and our partners, the jewish community relations council, we are proud to cosponsor this national leadership assembly for israel. bringing hundreds of federation leaders to washington today from over 50 communities across the country. mr. ambassador, thank you for your service to the state of israel and the jewish people. we want you to know that we stand shoulder to shoulder with the israeli people and the state of israel. [applause] >> thank you. thank you.
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thank you all for coming to washington on very short notice and being here today to express your solidarity with israel at this critical time. operationeginning of protective edge, israel has made clear that its goal is to be with the people of israel. the prime minister's attempts to stop the escalation before the operation began by sitting quiet would be met with quiet were unfortunately met with 100 rockets fired by hamas. nation, couldny not accept the firing of rockets at our cities. the cabinet responded to his unrelenting attacks by launching that operation protective edge. is toh actions, the idea the greater capabilities by targeting missile batteries,
3:56 am
command centers, and weapon depots. the idf has forwarded efforts by hamas to attack israel by land, sea, and air. while the idf conducted its operations, civilian casualties in israel have been kept low because the disciplined israeli population has listened and he theth -- headed instructions of the homeland command and sought shelter time after time. because of the remarkable technology of our income -- of dome, i want to express my prime minister's and my country's appreciation to president obama and the american congress for the strong bipartisan support for iron dome. [applause] israel has recently requested additional iron dome assistance
3:57 am
and we appreciate president obama's willingness to support that request. as we speak, there are efforts in congress to move that forward. in funding iron dome, america's leaders have helped saved many israeli lives, but they have also saved many palestinian lives. how did they do that? because they have given with the iron dome, they have given the israeli cabinet the time and space necessary to make prudent and judicious decisions. if hundreds of rockets were landing on israel's cities and causing many casualties, israel would have to respond in a much more forceful and less restrained way then it is doing now. two weeks ago, the egyptians put forward a cease-fire proposal which would've ended hostilities and led to immediate discussion on how to ensure that the cease-fire would lead to sustained quiet. is really accepted the cease-fire proposal, hamas
3:58 am
resented it. the rejection was followed by an attempt by a terrorist commandos to infiltrate through tunnels under israel's border and perpetrate massive terror attacks in which hundreds, hundreds of israelis could've been murdered and dozens kidnapped. israel responded to this aggression with a ground isensive which uncovered similar tunnels which serve one purpose -- to carry out terror attacks against israel. there have been attempts to perpetrate -- perpetrate shuts attacks, including another attack just a few hours ago. israel will continue to destroy the tunnels we have found regardless of whether there is a cease-fire or not. i know the obama administration understands and supports that. [applause]
3:59 am
everyone should understand that to expect israel to leave these terror tunnels intact is like expecting israel to seize 10,000 hamas rockets in gaza and simply hand them back to hamas. that is not going to happen. [applause] israel will destroy the tunnels we have found and we will not stop until that job is done. [applause] believes that a sustainable solution is one in which of those terror tunnels are destroyed, the rocket fire ends, and affective mechanisms thatstablished to ensure hamas does not rearm and force israel into a confrontation
4:00 am
again in another year or two. discussedminister these principles with secretary kerry on friday and president obama yesterday. is really appreciates that both president obama and secretary and national security advisor susan rice which will be speaking here after me. we appreciate the all strongly supported israel's right to defend itself. effortsappreciate their to help israel achieve a sustainable cease-fire. i speak directly for my prime minister, the criticism of prime minister -- of secretary kerry is unwarranted. [applause] there is broad understanding between israel and united states about the principles for sustainable cease-fire. we look forward to continuing to work closely with the united andes to advance that goal a durable solution to the problems in gaza.
4:01 am
it is critical of any cease-fire is to prove durable. hamas must not be allowed up to rebuild its war machine. effective mechanisms must be put into place to ensure semantic is not used to build the terror tonels, iron is not used manufacture rockets, and chemicals are not used to fuel explosives. when israel raise these issues in the past, they were largely dismissed by the international community. liable andel was accused of trying to impose a collective punishment on the people of gaza by insisting they be effectively inspected and monitored. those who dismissed our concerns and libeled us should go look at those terror tunnels that hamas has built. rather than use concrete and iron to build housing, schools, hospitals, and a better future, they use them to build a
4:02 am
subterranean terror fortress underneath gaza into manufacture thousands of rockets to fire into the skies above israel. israel is not fighting the people of gaza. we are fighting hamas, the brutal terror organization committed to israel's the structure and -- israel's destruction. hamas has fired over 2500 rockets at israel. they have forced more than two thirds of our population, decrease the lead of 200 million americans, into bomb shelters. over 500 of those rockets that were fired at israel have landed in gaza. those are hamas and palestinian jihad rockets fired at israel that had landed in gaza. two of those rockets today landed in gaza's hospital. that may not be what they report in the media today but that is the truth. that is the truth. [applause]
4:03 am
hamas has turned countless civilian sites into military sites. they are systematically using palestinians in gaza as human shields. hamas is fired from inside hospitals, used ambulances to ferry terrorists, stored rockets in you and schools and turned mosques into weapons depots. they have violated all the rules of war and all standards of human decency. as israel tries to get palestinian civilians out of harms way, hamas tries to keep them in harms way. toas holds the palestinians ignore the warnings of the idf and tries to force them to sacrifice themselves in their war against israel. israel does not target civilians and regret the tragic loss of every civilian life in gaza. hamas and only hamas is to blame for these casualties. [applause]
4:04 am
hamas hopes that mounting palestinian casualties will trigger both condemnation and pressure on israel. hamas must not be allowed to once again manipulate the world with its despicable tactic of human shields. unfortunately, instead of holding the real war criminals to my hamas, campbell -- accountable. organizations accuse israel of war crimes. what a disgrace. what a travesty of justice. continue to confront these lies and we will take the measures necessary to defend the people of israel. we know in doing so we have the support of america's leaders and of the american people. we know we have the support of all of you.
4:05 am
i want to thank you on behalf of my government and the people of israel for your solidarity with israel for all of you coming today. thank you for standing shoulder to shoulder with us during these very difficult days. thank you very much. [applause] >> i am proud to serve as the president of the board of the jewish federation of greater washington. i am proud to stand with israel today. one of the most important connections between us and israel is the emissary who works
4:06 am
to build bridges between our community. they develop educational programs and coordinate the activity of over one dozen local jccs, synagogues, and campuses around the area. here in washington, we are netanyahu.have israel, she worked to create a blur list big space for students. heiress market israel 66 years of independence with a tribute to women, she was listed as one of 66 israeli women you should know. she was born in ethiopia and emigrated to israel when she was three years old. it is my great pleasure to introduce our communities a special treasure -- our
4:07 am
community special treasure. [applause] >> thank you. operation,pening of protected age -- 43 israeli soldiers and civilians have died. data and the gaza strip, more than 1000 of them died and more than 6000 have been injured. they justtes ago, updated that five more soldiers died in gaza today. this must stop. no one wants to see a continuing number of death. i felt more pain and sorrow during this war than any other war we have had in the past. the operation expanded to include ground forces and offer to end hamas's ability to fire
4:08 am
rockets and carry out attacks on israeli civilians. hamas use their own people to have their own attacks on israeli civilians. as the rob i said earlier, more than ever -- as the rabbi said earlier, it is true today. we can forgive the air routes for killing our children, we cannot forgive the arabs from forcing them to kill their children. we will only a peace with arabs when they love their children more than they hate us. meht now it is so true for -- this isbecause why the numbers are what they are. when we're speaking to protect israel and gaza, hamas is using civilians as human shields. to make peacele
4:09 am
with an organization which does not value human life. as an educator, i have been struggling to the last 20 days as there are so many aspects of the situation iin israel to educate about. i wonder what i want the people to know. what should they learn from this? why we should care about something that takes place somewhere else so far from us? humans, as jews, as americans, we prefer peace and not war. we would like to lead a life as normal as i had experienced here. i must say that with all the tragedy and sorrow, there are stories we can learn from. a would like to share one of them to you. one of the great singers and israel just launched a new song regarding the current situation.
4:10 am
i want to share with you some of the moving words. 20,000 people and you are the first. 20,000 people behind you. marching in silence with flowers. and 20,000 partners. came to say thank you and goodbye. to a loneerring soldier from texas who served and was killed. he mentioned 20,000 people but actually, the entire people of israel were mourning. this song shows you the love and unity we have is israel. we are indeed one big family. for 66 years, israel has been fighting for its existence. we have lost more than 23,000 soldiers in israeli wars.
4:11 am
we now find ourselves in the middle of yet another battle. i remember as a child when i grow up in israel we hoped in the future we would not need the army. we thought we would not be a soldier because in the future we will not have any wars. here, we find out we are in another battle. as much as this breaks my heart to say, despite the support of the people, it does not look like we have much. violence in western arab countries is growing like wildfire. international pressure on the israeli government to be more humanitarian. state more firmly that i feel israel has a right to defend herself and that is what she is doing now. and he cited children dying hurts me. i know israelis fighting this war one less children to die.
4:12 am
the global jewish community needs to be one big family and stand with israel. responsible. we can truly only rely on each other. this is one of the lessons we learn from this war. thank you. [applause] >> i am presently the chairman of the american israel friendship league. an organization which is the strongo relationship and friendship and alliance that exist between the united states and israel. .ur mission is to nurture
4:13 am
this audience and our speakers is a sign of that alliance. inshould never lose sight what israel is fighting for today. they are fighting for the same reason that we were attacked in 9/11. itrica was attacked because was part of the non-islamic world and it was their objective to destroy america. israel is fighting for its life because hamas is unwilling to recognize the existence of israel. america and israel are fighting in embraced in the long fight against terrorism. when i was the chairman of the conference of presidents, a previous executive had died.
4:14 am
i was confronted with the question of what to do. there was only one question i had to answer. to seek to do, not who to employ, to engage, to run the conference, but whether i would ability stamina or the to convince malcolm to calm and work and be the leader and serve as the executive vice chairman of the conference oe. i count that as one of the great achievements of my life. on behalf of all of you, i want to say to him, thank you for you. [applause] >> i have to talk quickly because we are waiting for our keynote speaker who was in the elevator.
4:15 am
first and foremost, i want to thank the target of all the speakers comments. thank you very much. [laughter] you will tell your grandchildren about this. trying to shut up the members of congress. [laughter] we have an unbelievable achievement today, not only because the room is filled with people from all over the country, from 50 organizations and 150 communities. you all came in short notice which reflects the deep sense of commitment you have about understanding what this is all about. this is not about israel's battle, it is our battle for survival. this is an attack on the israeli people at all the jewish people around the world. they make it clear -- it is our existence that is the enemy. they put a thin veils and say it is only about the israelis, occupation -- it is not. it is not about 67, it is 47. it is not about occupation, it
4:16 am
is about israel's right to exist. when you read the word of the leaders of hamas or iran, take it seriously. dictators tell the truth. leaders of democracy sometimes live a dictators tell the truth. they tell you what they will do. hitler told us what we were going to do, he didn't want to listen. to leaders of hamas tell us what they want to do, when they say they want to wipe israel off the map, he means it. we need to make sure he never has the means to do it. [applause] i want to thank all the people who contributed. 50 volunteers, nobody can do this in three days as was accomplished with this amazing program and lineup without the you.of all of
4:17 am
i got to get to the next page of the telephone book. the metropolitan police department, adl and the american jewish committee here in washington. we are grateful for all of you in your assistance in how making this happen but this is just the beginning. this cannot be the end. we have to go out of here with a commitment to become ambassadors of truth because with the information revolution you cannot believe what you read, you cannot believe what you hear, you cannot even believe what you see. the distortion, mistress limitations -- misrepresentations. we need to gather here and become the leaders in this effort to be ambassadors of truth. that is our strongest weapon. israel does not need excuses. we need to simply tell the truth
4:18 am
and to get the media to cover it. [applause] we go out of this meeting today charged and recharged, ready to take the lead. we heard from the administration and the leaders of congress across the board. there is no doubt anymore where the american people stand. the latest polls show 70% of the american people stand, a record number with israel because they get it. despite the misrepresentations, they get it. [applause] rarely was there such a clear moral distinction -- two sides. hamas exist to kill and israel sometimes have to kill to exist. ont country puts a hospital the border of its enemy territory to take care of their wounded? what enemy as the leader mother-in-law treated in israeli hospital? having sent his mother to
4:19 am
israel, let alone his granddaughter. [laughter] what country allows hundreds and hundreds of trucks of medicine, goods, foods and others -- thank you. to allowed to go into gaza. you remember the campaign for humanitarian segment last year. all of us were pressured to send in cement to build. we said they would make a missile rockets. they said they need cement. we know what they did with it. 500 tons in a single tunnel. we are not going to be full do anymore. no more pressure on israel to do what is not in his best interest. [applause] israel alone has to make those decisions. proportionality is the code word of the day. the next time the local police have a bank robbery, send one copy.
4:20 am
if one bank robbers killed, you're the killed one hostage. proportionality is irrational. it never happened. americans killed three civilians for every terrorist in afghanistan. we know what happens during world war ii. nobody has to tell israel to be restrained. i think it is especially thertant for us to remember two americans who died in the defense of israel. [applause] we ask you to keep in touch with the members of congress. keep in touch with the senators and the house of representatives members. let the white house know how you feel. right letters to the editors, call talk shows, let the media know. do not scream, do not yell, let them know they are wrong. products.i keep in touch with israeli
4:21 am
relatives and friends. when you go visit the wounded, do not forget about iran. do not forget about the need to keep the pressure on iran to make sure it doesn't become a nuclear power which will undermine the interests and security of everyone. you heard about important resolutions. that is what the call of the day is. this is the time to say never again. no more memorials for dead jews. it is time to stand up for living jews and a living jewish state. it is time to say never again. no more will jews be left alone to defend itself. is time for the leaders of the world to stand up at the united nations and say there is one of moral party in this equation, one country we have to stand behind. [applause] martin luther king, martin
4:22 am
luther king once said we will not be judged by the actions of our enemies but by the silence of our friends. we will not judge by what others do but what we do or fail to do. too often we raise the bar in what we will tolerate and allow, no more. as ambassadors of truth, we will not tolerate the distortions. i asked the christian audience this week of 5000 people who can name the 10 scouts -- in washington, you cannot say spies -- that moses sent. 5000 people sat silent. i said you could name the two people who came back with a positive report? 5000 voices said joshua and caleb. those who stand with israel are remembered forever. those two are against israel are written off in history. [applause] come, we remember, we look
4:23 am
back to the past but not to get lost in the fundamentalist but the gaddis through the future -- but to guide us through the future. we know why the temperatures were destroyed so now it is time for unity within our community, with every other state, with every other religion to stand together. this is the time when we will be counted. our guest has arrived. the chairmanl up of the conference to make the introduction. [applause] >> thank you, malcolm. it is my honor to welcome ambassador susan rice. she has been consistently available to our community weather in large meetings such as this or small meetings and
4:24 am
individually, in person, and on the phone. president, the secretary, and you, madam ambassador, for your strong support of israel's right to defend itself. and stated that the criticism of secretary kerry for his efforts to achieve a cease-fire was unfair. whileresence here today, there is a bunch of stuff going on, is testament to how much you value the relationship with our community. the important, you share goal that i spoke of before. creating a safe, secure, and he's full state of israel and strengthening the u.s.-israel relationship. is a personal privilege to ask you to join me and welcoming national security advisor ambassador susan rice.
4:25 am
[applause] >> good afternoon, everyone. thank you so much, bob, for that generation entered -- that generation -- that generous introduction. i want to express my personal gratitude for this invitation. it is good to be back at the conference of presidents and see so many friends and familiar faces. many of you have come from jewish communities across the country in a show -- and a strong show of support for israel. these are indeed difficult days. us whotogether, all of care about the state of israel are again confronted with the challenges of a dangerous and
4:26 am
imperfect world. of sirens and shelters, of young people calle yet again to ward -- >> israel is killing innocent people in gaza! stop the violence, stop the killing! gaza.e war in stop the murder, stop the hate! [crowd booing] >> of these are difficult days. [applause] i was speaking of sirens and
4:27 am
shelters, of young people called yet again to war, of the land --re in the haunting phrase parents bury their children. of thes the first day month where jews commemorate the destruction of the first and second temples. is a reminder that the jewish people have in do much worse than rockets and survived a much stronger enemies than hamas. you have been tested by tragedy and time. by history and hatred. , the people of israel live. [applause] this is a time of worry for all
4:28 am
who care about israel. here is one thing you never have to worry about -- america's support for the state of israel. [applause] as president obama declared before the israeli people in long as thereo were the united states of america, you are not alone." [applause] why from the moment the terrorist racket began to -- rockets began to rain down on israel, this administration from president obama on down has made it clear -- israel has the same unequivocal right to self-defense as every other nation. [applause]
4:29 am
no nation can accept terrorist tunneling imminent -- into its territory or rockets crashing down on its people. president obama has been equally clear about who has been responsible for the violence. hamas fired the rockets. hamas deliberately targeted israeli citizens, particularly civilians. hamas refused an early plan for a cease-fire. hamas and a time of glaring human need instead of investing in the future of gaza's children, builds tunnels to kidnap and kill israelis. hamas initiated this conflict and hamas has dragged it on. israel are also united by a shared belief, we each strive to honor. that every person is created
4:30 am
equal. god.e image of i know we all share deep concerns about the suffering and deaths of innocent people that arise from a conflict like this one. in gaza, as well as israel. many of whom gaza, disapprove of hamas and suffer under its rule, are trapped in the crossfire. the loss of children has been particularly heartbreaking. as president obama and prime minister netanyahu discussed yesterday, the united states immediate, unconditional, humanitarian cease-fire. that humanitarian cease-fire should lead to a permanent
4:31 am
stopping of hostilities based on the november 2012 cease-fire agreement. for the sake of innocence on both sides, they rockets must stop. we need to bring the violence and civilian casualties to an end. we are concerned that continued fighting could further destabilize the west bank. we need to for -- protect israel's security and help it reach an arrangement where it will not be attacked again in another year or two. [applause] we also believe that any process to resolve the crisis in gaza and a lasting and meaningful way must result in the disarmament of terrorist groups. [applause]
4:32 am
we will work closely with israel, regional partners, and the international community to achieve this goal once a sustainable cease-fire is agreed. let me also take a moment to acknowledge the-- sterner efforts of secretary kerry. we have been dismayed by some press reports in israel. mischaracterizing his efforts last week to achieve the cease-fire. we know these misleading reports in turn raise concern here at home in america. kerryality is that john on behalf of the united states has been working every step of the way with israel in support of our shared interests. [applause]
4:33 am
both in public and private, we have strongly supported israel's right to defend itself against rockets and tunnel attacks. we are together in sensitive negotiations. we will continue to do so and will continue to set the record straight when anyone distorts the facts. we areursued diplomacy, grateful that the amazing iron dome anti-rocket system researched and funded jointly by israel and america stands watch over israel's cities. during my most recent visit to israel in may, i saw firsthand the technology at the air force base. i met the young israelis who operate the system, dedicated men and women who work around
4:34 am
the clock. in recent weeks, over 100 rockets a day have been fired at israel. iron dome has literally meant the i am deeply proud of their president obama helped to make it possible and i am proud that his enthusiastic support the united states will more than double our investment in the iron dome in 2015. [applause] the president also instructed the secretary of defense to inform congress last week that we support an additional $225 million to accelerate the
4:35 am
production of iron dome components in israel this year and maintain israel's stockpile of intercepted missiles. [applause] now, congress has a critical opportunity in this president's the supplemental request so israel can remain secure. [applause] iron dome makes it clear yet again that america's got israel's back. we have always had a truly special relationship ever since president truman made america the first nation in the world to recognize the state of israel. just 11 minutes after david bingerian declared israel's independence. of friendship planted
4:36 am
that day has grown into a mighty oak, strong, sturdy, and enduring. our governments have never been in closer touch including through the delegation of senior officials from the department of state, treasury, and the defense, and cia. in constant contact, constant consultation, constant cooperation. and by the way, that is why i was late getting here. [laughter] i was on the phone in the basement with my israeli counterpart. it is constant and a daily and it is highly constructive. our commitment to protect israel's military edge also remains absolute. just ask israel's general.
4:37 am
relationship is even stronger between our peoples. 30,000 israelis came to the funeral of max steinberg, a young man from los angeles who joined the israeli defense forces and was killed in gaza. another 20,000 came to pay li from to sean carmel texas. israel is not alone. not in war, not in peace. [applause] and because america staunchly supported israel's future as a jewish democratic state, will also continue doing what we can to bring about a just, comprehensive, and secure peace
4:38 am
between israelis and palestinians. peopleses for two living side-by-side in peace and security. we are committed to strengthening israel's security and cementing israel's rightful place. which brings me to my next point, we do not just fight for israel's security. we also fight for israel's legitimacy. [applause] as president obama said in a job -- intro group -- in jerusalem and i quote, those who reject israel's right to exist might as well reject the earth beneath them or the sky above because israel is not going anywhere. [applause]
4:39 am
no country is immune to criticism. nor should it be. when the criticism takes the form of singling out, one beverly, andrly, relentlessly, over and over and wrong and we just all know it. [applause] i saw this firsthand during my years at the united nations. where america always had israel's back when it's the basics rights are challenged. believe me, i remember all too well the fight against the deeply flawed report. so last week when the united nations humans rights counsel passed a one-sided resolution calling for a commission of
4:40 am
inquiry that will have no positive impact and should never have been created, the united states stood with israel and said, no. [applause] we were the lone vote in the human rights council, even our closest friends abstained. it was 29-1. the wine as usual was america. that is what we mean when we say, you are not alone. [applause] we take that stand on principle. it is important not just for israel, but for the credibility of the united nations is self. does exceptional,
4:41 am
life-saving things around the world. empowering women and girls, keeping peace in conflict zones, providing humanitarian aid weather and gaza, syria or congo and elsewhere around the world. the world needs the united nations. so when the country's single out israel for unfair treatment at ae u.n., it is not just problem for israel. it is a problem for all of us. today, we see anti-semitism flaring up around the world including in europe. is the passion coming out of the current conflict. we all know it has its roots in something ancient and ugly. and we should not shy away from calling by its name.
4:42 am
the rightthing to use of free expression to criticize particular policies of a particular government. no nation is immune from criticism, fair and otherwise, including our own. take it for me as a former u.n. ambassador. but, and anti-jewish riot is not a critique. it is not free expression when a protest turned into a mob that attacked a synagogue or a kosher grocery store. it is one thing when the message is to end the fighting. when the message is a death to the jews, it is an outrage. [applause] and it is dangerous.
4:43 am
the mayor of a major city takes to twitter to invoke hitler and insight hostilities against the israeli embassy which he calls " despicable murders consulate." that is just hate. and it has got to stop. [applause] as the late tom lantos used to save and i quote "the veneer of civilization is paper thin. we are is the guardian and we can never rest." and so, when the leaders in tehran talk about ending the state of israel, that is just one more reason why america is determined to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. [applause]
4:44 am
under president obama's leadership, it has been unprecedented pressure on iran. he brought i ran to the negotiating table and signed a joint plan of action that halted iran's progress and rolled it back in key respects. for the first time in nearly a decade. this interim agreement has given us time and space to try to negotiate a comprehensive solution. to date, we have made meaningful progress on some key issues although we remain far apart on several others. , we decided that along with the european union and germany and other members of the security council to extend the agreement until november 24. our goal remains clear -- a
4:45 am
comprehensive, verifiable deal that can inshore the world that will not obtain a nuclear weapons and confidence that the nuclear program is exclusively. let me be blunt about two things. maybe i should say to other things. st, we will not accept a bad deal under any circumstances. [applause] even if that means no deal, and a second, we will do what we must to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapons. [applause] this is rooted in a very
4:46 am
special friendship between the united states and israel. stretching back from before israel's birt to today. and for me, it is rooted in personal experience. i would never forget my very first visit to israel. i was just 14 and i went with my younger brother and my beloved late father who was then on the board of transworld airlines. we bow our heads, floated in the dead sea, walked the lines of the old city, handpicked fruit. i learned by heart the words. and here is something that always stayed with me. trip, i wast first
4:47 am
privileged to take one of the very first flights from cairo to tel aviv. just after israel and egypt had signed a cap david accord. impossible fored so long. but it was not. nduring to this day reminds us that human conflict and human problems can be resolved by human encourage. you know that. that is why you are here today. and it is why i came, too. my friends, these are difficult days. as israel's former president and my friend likes to say, there are no hopeless situations, just
4:48 am
a hopeless people. we all know a few. let us remember, especially in despair -- and service is a duty. america does not lose hope. the jewish people don't lose hope. and the state of israel doesn't lose hope. that is why israel's national anthem is -- the hope. imperfecty in this and dangerous world, we act together with god's blessing and help. we pray for security and peace, but we know it is not enough just to pray for it. we have got to work for it
4:49 am
determinednited, and because as president kennedy once said "here on earth, god's work must truly be our own." that is what we strive to do, together everyday. thank you. [applause]
4:50 am
>> thank you for those powerful words. we have our last speaker. is myason eiseman. it honor to introduce our next and last speaker. the congressman from new york. years, he has25 been one of the clearest and strongest and most respected and effective voices for israel's security and well-being for the beneficial u.s.-israel aroundnship and for jews the world and policies and democracies and human rights. a few days ago, cubesmart and -- said someman angle memorable things as he always does. one of his lines was a reminder that the people of israel wanted and deserved peace but that hamas with its attacks have forced to take the sort of tough
4:51 am
action that america has had to take against our enemies in recent years and any nation so provoked world. the hamas rockets that have been fired into israel have forced the hand of the israeli people who have the right to defend themselves. latest and gentlemen, the congressman. [applause] recs thanks very much. it is great to be here speaking speaking after susan rice. let me tell you why i came out late. i was just after the rally in new york city in front of the united nations. [applause] the rally was supposed to start jewish time it was so it was 1:00 and i had to make a 2:00 time for a 2:00 plane to come here.
4:52 am
wasn tell you the rally, it great. there were tens of thousands of people there. it was really great to see the outpouring for israel. [applause] and as the ranking member of the house of foreign affairs committee, let me tell you that we hear a lot about a dysfunctional congress and a lot of things that people say, democrats and republicans can never agree and nothing gets done. there is one subject in which democrats and republicans all agreed that a strong support for the state of israel. [applause] so support for israel and congress is strong and is bipartisan and -- to be the way. when we look at the middle east, i tell people you do not have to be jewish to love israel. israel and america are two of the world's few democracies.
4:53 am
our values are the same. that is why people support israel because they realize the hypocrisy of the international community to try to attack of only democracy in the middle east, the only place where people have rights. it is really just a shame and we will not let it stand and be quiet and we will continue to speak the truth. [applause] i am introducing a bill that is called the emergency iron dome replacement act and will market up this week and it will replenish all of the money for the iron dome. [applause] and i think it is interesting and i will stop -- [laughter]
4:54 am
let me say this. chutzpah to talk about casualties, civilian casualties in gaza. this whole war started because they after day, month after month, year after year, hamas has been targeting israel is civilians. that is why there is a war. to kill theing civilian population. israel worked very hard not to touch civilians at all. i would like to say, we will continue to support israel. there is no moral equivalency between hamas terrorists in the state of israel and israel is not at war with the palestinians. , ais at war with hamas terrorist group. a terrorist organization that will not accept israel's right and want to kill as many jews as they can and drive israel into
4:55 am
the sea. i want to thank you in closing. it is very important. not beenhe media has fair in reporting what is happening. it is important that there are rallies like this so people can see what the truth is. america will always remain true to israel and israel and america work together. thank you. [applause] >> i would like to invite you to remain standing and join me and the sinking of the star spangled banner. of the star-spangled banner. [singing "the star-spangled
4:56 am
4:57 am
[applause] singing in foreign language]
4:58 am
>> thank you all for coming and your support for the state of israel. thank you. [applause]
4:59 am
>> as you all know i just returned from the middle east and paris where at a series of discussions aimed at deescalating the conflict ending the rocket and tunnel attacks against israeli
5:00 am
civilians and easing the suffering of innocent people everywhere in gaza, in israel, in the west bank. today we are continuing to work toward establishing an unconditional humanitarian ceasefire, one that could honor -- and enable -- the threat imposed by tunnel attacks and to be able to do so without having to resort to combat. that is what could come from a cease-fire. we believe the momentum generated by a humanitarian cease-fire is the best way to be able to begin to negotiate and find out


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